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UVIA is the skincare line that comes from respect.
Respect towards the need to be ourself, respect towards Nature, towards the Planet of which we are guests and respect for the people who allow us to reach our goal. For this reason, the working environment is also a fundamental value and UVIA collaborates only with companies and suppliers who respect the individual, who do not in any way exploit low-cost labour or situations of hardship. All UVIA products are 100% MADE IN ITALY and the result of careful research, which respect these fundamental values and we welcome all those who wants to embrace our philosophy.

These are details that make us unique, and the Time, since is our friend, it adds extra value to our uniqueness; we are different in every phase of our life and this is why every moment needs be valued.





UVIA strongly believes in the concept of circular economy and perfectly matches the philosophy of agriculture; the union of these two innovative practices manages to generate a virtuous circle of concrete actions that improve the well-being of the environment and of the person. For this reason, all the products of the UVIA line recover waste material, deriving from an agricultural production process and which should be disposed of, transforming it into a natural extract, with a very high antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protective activity on the cells. These are pomace of red grapes, specifically Nero di Troia, deriving from a 100% organic grape variety and unique in its kind, as it is block-chain certified.


UVIA says stop to waste and does it for real!
We have eliminated the production of samples (very difficult to recycle and dispose of) even more difficult to reintroduce into the ecosystem, reducing CO2 emissions.
HOW? By proposing the innovative concept of experience:

  • We want to give everyone the opportunity to try the #experienceuvia and pampering of the complete skincare line, providing mini glass jar ”mini-size”, containing enough quantity for two days treatment.
  • Once you are done with the product, you can return the little jar to the trusted local shop and we’ll take care to do the rest by giving to the little jar a new life.
  • In exchange for this great little attention to our planet, UVIA will offer you special promotions and dedicated training by a UVIA Beauty Specialist


All the products of the UVIA line are precious, rich in functional extracts and delicate peptides. To protect them from external contamination (bacteria present on the hands) and the oxidizing action of the air, we use advanced airless technology for our jars, we made our products waterproof to the outside environment. Thanks to this innovative technology, every time you apply it, it will bring the fresh UVIA experience as it is, just like you were opening a new product each time, always appreciating all the plant active ingredients, peptides, PROage extracts and fragrances, living everyday as the first.
The UVIA line products does not have expiration date.

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