SUNCARE Double Protection Spray



High protection face and body spray
with eco reef filters and organic pomace extract

100ml ℮ – 3,4 fl oz.

Straight from the UVIA laboratories, a light sunscreen emulsion, which will give protection to your skin, without damaging the marine ecosystem and coral reefs. High protection SPF 50+ to guarantee complete protection with *extract of organic pomace, a natural antioxidant and protective against inflammation. The formula is enhanced by antioxidant pantorphine and polymer resin for a long-lasting action and resistant to water and sweat. A specific and innovative sunscreen, very rich with natural extracts, made with safe filters “eco reef” certify.

How to use: It is recommended to use immediately before exposing yourself to the sun. Shake before use, then spray it on the face and gently massage evenly on your body. Repeat the application at least every 2 hours. It is recommended to apply it again in case of excessive sweating and after shower or bath.
In any case, UVIA suggests you to avoid exposure to the sun during central hours of the day.

*Tested on HaCaT cells – Dep. Pharmacy University of Bari – report 15 Dec 2022

€ 65,00

€ 45,00

The natural and organic extracts of this formulation make the UVIA sun spray safe and unique in the world sunscreen market. The “eco reef” certify filters, guarantee an effective high protection, safe for the human body and for marine micro-organisms environment. More and more countries are adapting to this important legislation for the protection of the oceans. The organic extracts of pomace from Nero di Troia, Aloe Barbadensis and Calendula officinalis protect the skin from damage and inflammation caused by harmful sun rays. However, it is always recommended especially during the first days, avoid exposing yourself to the sun during central hours of the day.

All UVIA products are dermatologically
certify and tested for sensitive skin.

Ni – Cr – Co – Cd – Pb

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